Terms & conditions for the Report

Copenhagen, January 15. 2019. 


The following terms and conditions must be accepted by customer (you)
prior to any performance made by Bondtofte Aps, RecoverInboundLinks.com (RIL). 


All services (deliveries) on RecoverInboundLinks.com (RIL) are pre-paid and delivered to e-mail addresses provided by the customer (you). When ordering a service, the customer is charged according to the prices applicable for the ordered plan.   

After ordering a plan you will receive a receipt and a login to your account. Receipt and login information will be e-mailed to an e-mail address submitted by you. 

You are responsible for maintaining that the data submitted in your account settings are valid. Including correct e-mail address and other data concerning your company. 

When logged in to your account you will be able to

  • Add and delete persons and e-mail addresses that shall receive reports from RIL. 
  • See accumulated findings from delivered reports and download historical reports. 
  • Delete renewals. 
  • Manage multiple accounts.  


Contact and publication

By accepting these terms you accept to receive e-mails, phone calls and direct mails regarding relevant services provided by RIL. And by accepting these terms, you accept that RIL can list your website as a customer and link to your website.  

 RIL will however not provide your data to third party entities unless you positively allow RIL to do so from case to case. If relevant, RIL will ask you for your permission. RIL are however free to use data in general terms from scanning’s in articles describing RIL services and general viewpoints.     

 RIL can without further notice go public, include new investors or sell the service or company to a third-party entity. This agreement will however still be applicable if such events takes place. 

 Who are RIL

RIL is SEO Tool operated and owned by the Danish SEO Bureau, Bondtofte Aps. 

Bondtofte Aps
Rugårdsvej 7,
5000  Odense
Phone: +457050 0724 


Personal Data
Bondtofte Aps declares that personal data retrieved by RIL is treated accordingly to relevant Danish law and practice. See Privacy Policy.


Prices & Payment

Prices on the Report are listed on RecoverInboundLinks.com/report-plans-prices. 
The prices do not include VAT. Taxes are added to the price according to current national tariffs in the country where the customer/company is located. For each payment the customer automatically receives a paid invoice including VAT. The paid invoice is automatically e-mailed to you. 

 Payment is pre-paid by credit card. First payment is debited your credit card when ordering the first Report. Any following payments will automatically be debited your credit card accordingly to your chosen Plan. Date of debit will be equal to the delivery date of future Reports. 

 You are responsible for maintaining correct credit card information. If debiting the credit card fails, the corresponding Report will not be delivered. 

 No Cure, No Pay

We offer no cure, no pay on your first report. We will automatically refund your initial payment if we do not find any broken inbound link in the first report. The refund will be credited the debit/credit card used when ordering the first report. Refund will take place within five days after delivery of the report.         

Discount for the whole year 2019 

Current prices are fixed intro prices and applicable for the whole year of 2019. 

EUR 99 or USD 109 per Report. 


EUR 75 or USD 85 per Report.  


Normal prices taking effect 2020

On January the 1st 2020 the prices per Report will be as listed below*.

EUR 349 or USD 399 per Report. 


EUR 299 or USD 339 per Report.  


*Reports that are One-Year-Prepaid and ordered any time in 2019 will not be affected by the normal prices taking effect in January 2020. Normal prices will first take effect twelve (12) + one (1) months after the initial order.           

Generally, about increase in prices

Prior to any increase in normal-price-settings you will be informed 60 days in advance. Notifications on increase in normal-price levels will be posted on your personal-account on RecoverInboundLinks.com.  

You are free to end your subscription if increase in prices does not suit you. Ending a subscription can be done when logged in to your account.    

Duration and termination 

The duration of this agreement is continuous meaning that this agreement is valid as long you subscribe to RIL services.  


RIL services can at any time be unsubscribed when logged in to your personal-account page. Termination of this agreement and/or unsubscribing of RIL services are only valid when initiated from your personal-account page.   


RIL can without further notice terminate this agreement if debiting your credit card fail. The Report will be withheld until payment is received.  


RIL can without further notice terminate this agreement if your business, cooperation, organization or website is conflicting with legal provisions or with what people in general understand by good human conduct.   


RIL has the right to terminate this agreement no matter the reason after 36 months. Notification of termination will be posted on your personal-account on RecoverInboundLinks.com, 60 days prior to the date of termination. Termination of agreement will take effect according to your ordered plan.  



If this agreement is terminated prior to RIL performance of all deliveries – irrespective of the cause -, you are not entitled to refunds for the remaining not-performed deliveries. 


If RIL is unable to perform deliveries of reports, critical information, or data for instance due to Force Majeure, technical break down, or due to any other reason irrespective of the cause, you are not entitled to refunds for the remaining not-performed deliveries.   

 Legal jurisdiction

You accept Danish jurisdiction if a legal conflict should arise between you and RIL. Danish law will rule in solving any legal conflicts should such arise.   

Force majeure

RIL shall not be liable to you or any third-party claimant if war, civil unrest, fire, electrical or internet breakdown, hacking attacks or any other event that RIL cannot control should occur.  


Limitation of liability 

You are responsible for providing RIL with the correct e-mail address to which the deliveries shall be forwarded. RIL is not responsible for deliveries not received by you due to your failure to inform RIL of the correct e-mail address or any changes made regarding a previously provided e-mail address. 


RIL shall not be liable to you or any third-party claimant for any indirect, punitive, consequential (including, without limitation, lost profits or lost data due to the performed screenings), or incidental damages, whether based on a claim or action of contract, warranty, negligence, or other tort, breach of any statutory duty, indemnity or contribution, or otherwise. 


RIL is not in any way responsible nor do RIL guarantee the effects of following the guidelines in our reports. Only you are responsible for the direct or indirect effects of using data and following guidelines provided to you by RIL. 


RIL’s total cumulative liability to you or any other party for any loss or damages resulting from any claims, demands, or actions arising out of or relating to this agreement shall not exceed the total paid-in fee from you to RIL within the three months previous to the date the claim is first brought against RIL.